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Our new place is fully licensed - Enjoy a beverage before, during or after your game.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Clue Solving Adventures

Embrace the Challenge...

Confinement's scavenger hunt games engage you, your friends, and family in collaborative efforts to unravel puzzles and solve clues, all while getting some exercise and fresh air. Enjoy the excitement of a challenging fun game, while also gaining insights into local history, culture, and nature!

Taupo Adventures

The Defenders

Fast-paced strategy game - earn as many points before the timer runs out.

Each team is issued with a backpack that contains everything you need to solve the cryptic clues and identify various locations around Taupo town. There are also locked challenges. You must capture your answers with photographic evidence of each location to earn points. Strategic decisions will need to be made during this game to gain more points than the opposing teams. Race the clock and race the other teams. A 60-minute time frame is recommended. 

Cryptic Crawlers

If you enjoy solving puzzles and working on cryptic clues then you will love our Cryptic Crawlers Game. Start by collecting your Mission Pack at Confinement (33B Oruanui Street). Set off on your crawl, take your time, and have fun- as the name says, it's more of a crawl than a race!🥂

At each location you will be provided with a locked package,  you will need to solve clues and crack codes, find out what's inside,  and work out where you need to head next!


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