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About Us

A family-owned business

Where it all started...

Confinement, a family-owned business, was initially founded in 2016 by the brother-sister duo, Leighton and Alanah. The company's inception in 2016 followed Leighton's return from Canada, where he had suffered a traumatic head injury in a mountain bike accident. During his rehabilitation, doctors, having experienced the benefits of a team-building escape room, suggested it for Leighton. In January 2016, during Alanah's visit to Calgary, she secured a booking, and after enjoying the experience, they made a promise to recreate it back home.

After securing a premise in Hamilton, Leighton and Alanah hired cousin Deiryn as operation manager to help with the ongoing day-to-day management. 

In 2017, Confinement relocated to Level 2 in Skycity, and shortly after, Leighton returned to Canada. This is where Deiryn left to pursue her Event Management Degree.

In 2020, Deiryn decided to move home to Taupo. It was not long after, Deiryn, Deb and Alanah got together to discuss Deiryn's future career. It was suggested that Deiryn could open a Confinement Escape Rooms in Taupo. At first Deiryn's initial thought was wow that is a cool idea, but didn't think much of it at the time, but then ideas started forming and numbers were being crunched, Confinement Taupo was starting to come to fruition.

The onset of Covid was a challenge for opening a business at the time, however after a lot of hard work, in April 2021, Confinement Taupo opened its doors to its very first customers.

Now in its third year of business, Confinement has evolved to offer a comprehensive suite of products centred around puzzles, challenges, and code solving.

Confinement NZ is now the longest established Escape Room company in the Waikato

The Confinement Team

The ingenious and imaginative minds powering Confinement!

Meet Deiryn
Director/Owner Taupo

Hey, I'm Deiryn, the brains behind Confinement Taupo. I love creating puzzles, themes and stories. I have lived in Taupo for over 20 years, and love the business community here. I enjoy networking, collaborating and exploring new business opportunities. When I don't have my business hat on you'll see me enjoying walking, gyming or hanging with friends and family. 

Meet Kyle
Director/Owner Taupo

Hi, I’m Kyle, I am the builder, electrician and Deiryn's emotional support husband during room resets! 

When I am not at Confinement, I am working full time at Contact Energy as a Generation Technician. I enjoy gyming, socialising and looking after our 3 fur children. 


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